$99 Nest Audio is Google's newest smart speaker

The much leaked Google Assistant speaker is now official

Nest Audio is Google's new smart speaker
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Google's next smart speaker has been doing the rounds on the web rumor mill for a few months now but we've now finally been treated to the official launch of the new $99 Nest Audio.

The Google Assistant smart speaker, the natural successor to the Google Home, has been officially unveiled at Google's online hardware launch event, alongside the new Pixel 5 and the new Chromecast dongle.

We'd already seen the Nest Audio, of course. After getting leaked in some blurry images through a communications filing in Japan in the summer, Google bit the bullet and released a teaser image and video of the new smart speaker in action.

The Nest Audio name was then uncovered in a more recent leak - and we've now got the details to go along with the new moniker.

The Nest Audio boasts a form factor and design that seemingly sits it in between the Nest Mini and the Google Home Max.

Google says that it boasts 50% more bass and 75% more volume than the original Google Home, thanks to a revamped 19mm tweeter and a 75mm mid-woofer.

That sees it going up against the likes of the Sonos One and the new 4th-gen Amazon Echo in the ever-growing smart multi-room speaker market.

Nest Audio speaker in pink

The new Nest Audio costs $99 and is available from 5 October. It comes in five different colors - sage, sky, white, charcoal and sand.

Google is also selling a 2-pack of the new Nest Audio for $179.98 - a $20 saving. And yes, you can pair two Nest Audio smart speakers together for a stereo setup, or add them to a Google multi-room music setup.

The good news is that, in August, Google added a new multi-room control screen for Smart Displays, such as the Nest Hub, to make the process a lot more intuitive.

The new Nest Audio was launched alongside the all-new 4th-gen Chromecast and the shiny new Google TV platform.

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