Nest Cam IQ Outdoor smart security camera finally on sale in the UK

Better late than never...

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor on sale in the UK

The long awaited arrival of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor to British soils is over - you can now order the weather-proof smart security camera for £329 (and our continental readers can pick one up for €379 in European countries where Nest operates).

Launched way back in September 2017 Stateside the IQ Outdoor, like its IQ Indoor brethren, adds HD Talk and Listen to the mix - for clearer two-way conversations thanks to a 15x more powerful microphone. There's also person alerts (with Familiar face tech learning people over time) and a supersight 4K sensor with HDR, for close-up tracking (12x zoom).

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The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is built for extreme weather conditions. With an IP66 rating it won't have any bother operating in rain, snow or high winds. Like the original Nest Outdoor camera (which remains on sale for £179, or as a pair for £329), the power cable is concealable and tamper-resistant.

Streaming is Full HD 1080p but, like the other Nest Cams you'll need to subscribe to Nest Aware to really make the most of the recording features, activity zones and the like. However, you can always view the live feed and a 3-hour snapshot history is accessible in the Nest app, for free.

UK Nesters still don't have access to the full suite of Nest products, however. The Nest Thermostat E remains a US exclusive and it's also not possible to pick up a Nest Hello, Temperature Sensor or a Secure alarm system outside of the States either.

We will, of course, update you with the UK availability status of all of the above - along with details on any new Nest tech that goes live.

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