Nest Cam status light now permanently on in Google security update

Visual indicator of recording means you can't disable the LED

Nest Cam status light permanently on
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If you've got a Nest Cam, you should have received an email from Google telling you that you're now unable to disable the status light of your smart security camera.

The move comes in the interests of security, with Google noting that the status light always being on when the Cam is fired up and recording footage is "a clear visual indicator when your Nest cameras are on and sending video and audio to Nest".

This is good news for people who are concerned, for example, they are being recorded without their knowledge when sitting in a friend's home equipped with Nest Cams. It's also, arguably, good news for burglars who are trying to avoid being spotted by a camera.

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It's bad news for people (including myself) who use Nest Cams as baby monitors. My 1-year-old is already curious about the Nest Cam at the end of her crib - a shining green light is only going to make her more intrigued.

If you're in the same boat as me, you'll be able to turn the green indicator light's brightness down, but you won't be able to completely shut it off. That's on all Nest cameras, as well as the Nest Hello doorbell. If you've got an old Dropcam, it'll always just be one shade of blue when on.

However, if you are streaming the Nest Cam's footage to an app - as you would be if you were using it as a baby monitor - then the light will not only be on. Instead, it will blink. Terrific.

The update is rolling out now. I'm off to buy some black tape.

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