Is your Nest Hello doorbell acting up? You're not alone

Company pulls statement offering free Aware subscriptions

Nest is working to fix doorbell glitches

Nest Hello users are reporting some strange behavior from their smart doorbells, including delayed notifications and random disconnects. While complaints go back several months, it appears there has been an uptick in problems, and the company has now acknowledged it's on the case.

Head over to the Nest Community forum and you'll see several posts from users complaining that Nest doorbell notifications are taking 10 seconds or longer to come through, or sometimes not coming through at all, while others say their doorbells are going offline completely.

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One of the most popular posts mentioning notification and video delays dates back to March. However, there has been a surge of complaints in the past few days, and at this point it's clearly a widespread issue.

Nest has put out a statement following the recent uptick of complaints. The company said it's aware of the problems and is working on improvements. It also promised a free Aware subscription to every affected user, but - and here's where things get weird - Nest proceeded to pull the statement from its Community pages. Android Police pointed out that Nest also removed the Google cache page (you can still find a copy here). Now it sounds like users aren't getting any responses from Nest.

We've asked Nest for a comment on what's happening here. In its statement, Nest also said it's working on adding the ability to record both sides of a video conversation, as well as an adjustable "cool down" period between notifications.

If you're a Nest Hello user experiencing these problems, our advice is to contact Nest to claim that free Aware subscription (assuming it's still available) and then just hold tight.

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