It looks like the Google Home is about to get a new name: 'Nest Home'

It was always a case of when, not if

Google Home set for rebrand
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Well, we knew it would happen eventually. When Google and Nest fully merged, the Google Home Hub was immediately renamed the Google Nest Hub, hinting at further rebranding across Google's smart home line. Now it looks like Google Home speaker is getting the same treatment.

As 9to5Google first spotted, on Google's store, under its list of accessories, it had the swappable Google Home base listed as the 'Nest Home Base' for a period. At the time of writing, all references to the new name have vanished, but there's a good chance this hints at an official rebrand incoming.

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While the new name might initially cause some confusion for customers not familiar with the storied history of Google and Nest, having consistency across the product line makes far more sense in the long run. Google made no changes to the Home Hub when it rebadged it back in May, and there's every chance it will be the same deal for the Google Home, with hardware refreshes expected to come later in the year.

On the other hand, the Google Home is getting a bit long in the tooth and well overdue an update. In fact, Google hasn't given its regular Home speaker a proper update since it debuted, while Amazon's Echo has enjoyed several iterations.

If Google does update Home to the new Nest name, we expect it would do the same for the Home Max and Mini. Google also has a habit of leaking new products on its own website. It was just a few months ago that references to the Nest Hub appeared on the company's store, and we suspect this latest incident is no mistake either.

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