Nest says Hello during The Late Show's first ever takeover

Google spends the big bucks to flog its new video doorbell

Nest says Hello during Late Show takeover

If you were watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night then you'll have noticed that the regular commercial breaks were nowhere to be seen. In their place was the More Show presented by Google's Nest Hello video doorbell. It was the first takeover in the show's history, CBS said.

It was all a bit weird and we're not sure it was the best way of getting the message out about Google's Ring-rival.

For a start, Colbert constantly called it the Nest video doorbell. He didn't say "Nest Hello" once, even when reiterating the name of the segment. You'd have thought that Google would have wanted him to say the product name.

Secondly - it clearly wasn't an actual live stream from a Nest Hello, just a pre-recorded bit to camera made portrait.

Are we being too picky and pedantic? Fair enough. How's about the fact that it was a total cringe-fest, which Twitter users were uncharacteristically vocal about...

Didn't see it? Take a look below. Make sure you've got your doctor on speed dial in case you rupture your cringe gland...

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