Smart home security just got cheaper, as Nest Secure receives a $100 price cut

But only those in the US can benefit for now

Nest Secure gets a price cut

It just got a little cheaper to smarten up your home's safety, with Nest Secure receiving a $100 price cut in the US.

The company announced that its smart home security system will be permanently dropping from the lofty heights of $499 to a more manageable $399, with the outlay including the Nest Guard keypad (shown above) and two Nest Detect devices.

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The latter is placed on a window or door to allow the system to detect entry or nearby movement, while the Secure package also includes two tags that you or another member of the house can hold in order to disarm an alarm with just a tap. If that's not enough, Secure users can also subscribe to Moni, an optional feature which results in a security specialist contacting you and emergency contacts in the event of a triggered alarm. If nobody answers, the system can request a police dispatch.

But the standard Secure system isn't the only thing getting more affordable - there's also good news if you want more than just two Nest Detect models covering your back, with the price of individual units receiving a snip, from $59 to $49. Naturally, this is handy if you have more than just two areas (say, one door and one window) that you want to keep secure, and the chances are that you do.

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So, the price cuts are helping you get a bit more bang for your buck, but it's also worth pointing out that there also Nest's swath of cameras to consider if you want the full home security experience - after all, Nest Secure will only really offer alerts to any break-ins, not directly catch who did it.

And though it's all fun and games for those looking to make a saving on smart security Stateside, Nest recently told The Ambient that Secure wouldn't be landing in the UK or Europe until 2019, due to cellular issues and firm partnerships to overcome. Hey, maybe by the time it does land, the security system will be even more affordable. Maybe.

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