The Nest Thermostat E is headed to the UK with a new wireless mode

It comes with a new stand, too

Nest Thermostat E makes it to the UK
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Back in the middle of 2017, Nest introduced the Thermostat E. It was a more affordable version of its existing smart thermostat with an all-new design, but with pretty much all the features of its bigger, more polished brother. Just one problem: it was only available in the US.

That's about to change as Nest has announced that the Thermostat E is now available for pre-order in the UK for £199 and is set to ship out in mid-October. It even comes with new features that make it a better fit for Brits.

Key differences explained: Nest Learning Thermostat v Nest Thermostat E

One of those things is the new Heat Link E, a fabric disk that replaces your existing thermostat and wirelessly connects to the Thermostat E, but uses the same wiring. That means you can stick the Thermostat E itself wherever you like, and there's even a cute little stand so you can put it on a coffee table or kitchen counter or what have you. There's a temperature sensor on both the thermostat and the Heat Link E.

Nest says most people can install the Thermostat E in about an hour, but there's also the option of a Nest Pro installing it for you if you choose (though that can be pricey).

Otherwise, the Thermostat E for Europe is mostly the same device it is in the States. It still has the same frosted display and plastic shell, and you can still remote control it from the Nest app or via Google Assistant.

And yes, Nest features like Home/Away Assist, scheduling and the learning powers that figure out how you set the thermostat so that it saves you time and money are here, too.

The Nest Thermostat E is available for pre-order on Nest's site now, and will be available at partners like Google Store, B&Q, John Lewis, Curry's and Argos from mid-October.

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