You can now use Google Assistant to control your Nest x Yale Lock

Another Nest product gets in with Google Assistant

Nest x Yale Lock gets Google Assistant
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One of the most disappointing things about the Nest x Yale Lock was that it didn't have Google Assistant integration, especially as Nest is a part of Google and has even built Google Assistant into devices like the Nest Cam.

That changes now, as Nest will be adding Google Assistant integration on 29 August. Now you'll be able to use Assistant to check the status of your lock, lock the door and add it into a Routine. You will not be allowed to unlock your door via Google Assistant though, as it's a potential security concern.

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So now when you say "Hey Google, good night" you can have your door lock as well as having the lights turn off. Unfortunately, you can't rope Nest Secure into routines yet, so you'll still have to ask Google each time you want to want to lock the house.

Nest has steadily built up Google Assistant integration with its line of security products. You can use Google Assistant to secure your Nest security system, and use it to cast your footage from the Nest Hello and Nest Cam to a Chromecast device. Google Assistant will also announce who's at the door if you've got a Nest Hello.

And now the front door gets in on the action. If you're fully into the Nest ecosystem, there is no better AI to have commanding your home than Google Assistant. While Alexa is compatible with the Nest Thermostat, it doesn't have full reign of your Nest security products like Google Assistant does.

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