Netatmo's Presence and Welcome cameras get smart with Google Assistant

Hey Google, Welcome to the Netatmo

Netatmo adds Google Assistant integration
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Netatmo is one of the biggest names in smart homes in Europe, and its Presence and Welcome security cameras are some of the best we've tested. However, they've both been lacking when it comes to smart assistant integration. That ends now.

Both the Presence and Welcome cameras are getting Google Assistant integration. So you'll be able to use Assistant to command your Netatmo cameras. You'll be able to ask Google Assistant to cast your camera's feed up on a Chromecast-equipped TV by saying something like "Hey Google, show me the garden camera on my TV."

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If you've got the Presence, you'll have the added ability to turn the Presence's floodlight on or off with your voice. The Presence already had some smart assistant powers before, but it was only compatible with Apple HomeKit.. Now both Netatmo's security cameras are seeing a juicy smart assistant upgrade.

This upgrade will work with all Presence and Welcome cameras, by the way. So if you already own one, the integration will go live via a software update. That way you won't have to buy a brand new camera just to get some added functionality. Now if only it could get Alexa support, too.

Google has already rolled this feature out for other security cameras, like those from Nest. It's good that it isn't keeping this feature in the family, and is spreading the wealth to other security camera brands as well. You will, of course, need a Chromecast-equipped TV to take advantage of this.

The Presence is available now for $299.99 while the Welcome is available now for $199.99.

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