Netgear announces Meural Canvas II to bring more art to your smart home

IFA 2019: Sophisticated digital display is designed to showcase artworks

Netgear announces Meural Canvas II
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Netgear has used IFA 2019 as the prompt to announce a new version of its Meural Canvas smart display, the Meural Canvas II.

The Canvas II is another luxury digital frame, offering the chance to display real-world artworks in high definition on your walls, via a matte display that can fool the eye into seeing genuine artworks.

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Netgear acquired Meural in 2018, a sensible purchase given Netgear's expertise in smart home connectivity. The Meural II is Wi-Fi controlled, and should bring quicker upload speeds compared to previous versions, along with extended range.

Netgear also says it's improved the setup process for the digital canvas out of the box, with a QR code now offering immediate connectivity to your Wi-Fi network. It will also consume 45% less power compared to the previous model and packs an ambient light sensor to better adjust the screen's lighting based on its environment.

Netgear announces Meural Canvas II to bring art to your smart home

The Meural Canvas II can be controlled in a variety of ways, from gesture controls in front of its sensors, voice control through an Alexa-enabled device, or via the Meural app on a smartphone. That app also gives access to Meural's subscription service, with 30,000 pieces of art available to load onto your display - the annual price of this membership is still to be confirmed, however. You can upload your own photos, though, in case you'd like more personal touches.

Having used and tested previous versions of Meural's Canvas, we've been impressed with the seamless way it can blend into your home and offer the chance to display art you could never afford normally without screaming "technology" from the wall. However, it's had issues in the past with connectivity and responsiveness, so it'll be interesting to see how Netgear has been able to improve this side of things.

The Meural II is available to pre-order now in two sizes, 21.5 inches and 27 inches, starting at £599 and £779 respectively with more expensive framing options available. A swivel mount can also be bought for £45 to give more control over viewing angles and orientation.

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