August smart locks now work with SmartThings, without a hub

SmartThings looks to move on from its hub-based home automation

August gets cozier with SmartThings
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August is continuing its quest to be the all around, most compatible smart lock out there, with an announcement of a new integration with Samsung's SmartThings home automation platform. While you've been able to connect your August door lock to SmartThings previously, over Z-Wave, it now works through a direct integration.

Starting in January 2020, the August Smart Lock Pro - our current top pick for a smart door lock - and the August Smart Lock, will directly integrate with the SmartThings app and bypass the hub entirely. Plus, all of Yale's Connected by August locks (Assure Lock SL, Assure Lock Touchscreen and Assure Lever) are also directly compatible via Wi-Fi and the included August Connect module.

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Basically, youā€™ll be able to pair any August powered-lock using SmartThingsā€™ new integration frameworkā€”no SmartThingsā€™ hub needed.

We've seen a couple devices that work directly with the SmartThings app and don't use the hub, such as SmartThings new Wifi Smart Plug, but this new "integration framework" from SmartThings might be a sign that the hub manufacturer is moving away from being entirely dependent on its hub and towards a simpler, more cloud-based approach embraced by its new main competitors in this space, Amazon and Google.

This move would also make it similar to Apple's HomeKit, which can work entirely through the Home app if you choose, only requiring the hub if you want remote control or to do some more in-depth automations. However, in this case, you will be able to control the August Lock remotely, as it has its own Connect module that provides remote access.

This means with an August Lock and the SmartThings app you can integrate the lock with the other devices in your home and see your lock's status, lock or unlock, and sync with lights, music, cameras and thermostats all through the SmartThings app, with no hub.

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