Belkin's Wemo WiFi Smart Plug makes a mockery of the Mini

HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant all supported with new smart plug

Belkin's Wemo WiFi Smart Plug live
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Smart plug news! Hurrah. Okay, okay - the launch of a new smart plug isn't exactly going to worry the front page news but we can't ignore the launch of the new Belkin Wemo WiFi Smart Plug... just look at how small it is.

For reference, there's already a Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug on sale - but this new entrant is 45% more compact than that. Naming conventions in absolute tatters over at Belkin HQ.

At just over 2 inches wide, it shouldn't cover up adjacent sockets and it's pretty cheap too, coming in at $24.99 for a single device, or $49.99 for a 3-pack.

The new Wemo WiFi Smart Plug, like its stablemates, boasts the Holy Trinity of smart home ecosystem compatibility; HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant are all supported.

It's available to buy now - direct from Belkin - and the good news is that the accessory specialist also seemingly wants rid of its old 'Mini' stock; you can pick these smart plugs up at just $19.99 a pop.

The premise of a smart plug is pretty simple; they simply slot directly into your power outlet and you then plug your kit into the socket they have built in.

While the basic function is turning things on/off remotely (or without getting up off the couch, at least) smart plugs really come into their own once you start syncing them up with the rest of your connected tech.

Check out our guide for great smart plug ideas for more inspiration.

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