Ikea teases new Sonos Symfonisk colors and shades

Red and blue variations of the multi-room speakers now on sale... sort of

Ikea teases new Sonos Symfonisk colors
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Ikea's Symfonisk Wi-Fi speakers, a collaboration with Sonos, went live last year - offering a pair of speaker designs at a lower price-point than any previous Sonos speakers.

Previously available only in white or black, both the Ikea Symfonisk bookshelf speaker and the Symfonisk table lamp speaker are now available in either red or blue finishes.

However, there's a bit of a caveat here with regards to that 'available'. The Verge spotted the new designs... on the Dutch version of Ikea's online store - there's no sign of the new color options elsewhere, as of yet.

Blending Sonos’ audio pedigree with Ikea’s eye for design (and agreeable prices), the $179.99 table lamp and $99.95 bookshelf speaker are powered by Sonos technology – but you are only able to buy them directly from Ikea; although they operate within a Sonos multi-room audio system exactly the same as any native Sonos speaker.

Ikea sonos new red color symfonisk

Whereas Sonos speakers are designed unabashedly as speakers the Symfonisk duo are built to disguise their technology. That's especially the case for the lamp, which functions as a regular light, too. The bookshelf speaker can be slipped onto a bookcase vertically, or placed horizontally.

The new color options mean that they will blend into even more living spaces.

We've asked Ikea for word on when these new Symfonisk designs will hit other global stores - we'll update this story when we hear back.

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