Ikea expands its cheap Trådfri line with new smart bulbs, light panels and more

And a motion sensor coming soon

Ikea adds more smart bulbs and light panels
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Ikea, the unofficial best-place-to-furnish-your-home-on-a-budget, is expanding its Trådfri range of inexpensive smart lighting, introducing some new compatible products and revamping existing ones.

A new filament style A19/E26 bulb has an interesting look, apparently trying to compete in the decorative bulb space. We're not too sure about the carrot stick look, but with a higher lumen output than Ikea's entry-level smart bulb (806 over 600), the option of three different color temps, and a $15.99 price point - this is a nice option.

Need more light? Everything you need to know about Ikea Trådfri

A color and white candelabra bulb (E12/E14), great for chandeliers and other decorative light fixtures, is a much-needed addition in the smart lighting space and should prove popular. But while the $19.99 price point is rock-bottom (although it only offers nine colors), it's still going to be expensive to kit out a six-bulb chandelier.

Ikea expands its inexpensive Trådfri smart lighting line

Perhaps most interesting is the introduction to the U.S. of the Floalt line of light panels. With both practical and decorative uses in the vein of Nanoleaf (although without the color option) these panels can be wall- or ceiling-mounted and come in three sizes: square (12 x 12 inches at 650 lumens) for $69.99, a brighter and larger square (24 x 24 inches at 2,800 lumens), and a rectangular panel (12 inches by 35 inches at 2,200 lumens), both at $129).

The panels offer three color temperatures, warm glow, warm white, and cool white. Both the panels and bulbs are available now at Ikea. In honor of the expanded line-up the Trådfri app has been given a new, less catchy name - Ikea Home Smart.

Ikea expands its inexpensive Trådfri smart lighting line

It looks like Ikea is getting ready to release a revamped motion sensor. The old $19.99 version is listed as a Last Chance on Ikea's UK website, and over in Europe a new €9.99 model is on offer. The form factor is the same but this one is cheaper and also waterproof, but it appears it isn't HomeKit compatible.

Speaking of Europe, those on the continent can also pick up a new LED recessed ceiling light, the Leptiter, for only €19.99. Offering three white shades and 600 lumens, this can also be used in a bathroom.

The Trådfri system'sinteroperability - working with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple's HomeKit - is one of its main selling points, along with its budget prices. If you're looking to go all-in on an inexpensive smart lighting system, Trådfri is fast becoming a good option. And of course, those much-anticipated Ikea smart blinds will be here in October too.

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