New Sonos speaker landing next month: CEO spills the beans

Could it be a mini-Move Bluetooth speaker? Or maybe Sonos headphones?

New Sonos speaker landing next month
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A new Sonos product is set to launch next month. That's news straight from the top - the speaker giant's CEO Patrick Spence confirmed as much during an earnings call on Wednesday.

"We remain committed to launching at least two new products per year and are well on track as we look at our fiscal 2021 product roadmap," he told investors during the call. "We are excited to introduce our newest product next month. Stay tuned for details."

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Last week it emerged that the FCC had received filings from the multi-room audio specialist with regards to a new speaker that features a wireless charging dock, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

That's a similar setup to what's already in place with Sonos' only Bluetooth speaker - the Sonos Move - leading to speculation that the brand might be set to unveil a cheaper, smaller mini-Move.

However, there are now whispers that the big reveal next month could well be something a bit more left-field, as Spence also commented during the earnings call that Sonos remains "committed to maintaining a relentless focus on innovation in our traditional product segments and you’ll see continued innovation and experimentation in services, as we believe there’s plenty of opportunity given our highly engaged customer base."

Could it be that the long awaited Sonos headphones finally see the light of day? Or maybe even a Sonos turntable to make the Sonos / vinyl experience a bit more seamless?

The Sonos bossman also spoke of the company's mashup with Ikea and how that partnership would be enhanced in 2021 and that new partners will also come on board.

Exciting times indeed and all eyes on Sonos' big investor event on 9 March, when we're hoping that "newest product" gets an official unveiling.

Hat tip to Seeking Alpha for transcribing the Sonos earnings call.

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