Now TV's new streaming stick is £15 and comes with a voice control remote

A good deal if you don't care about Netflix

Now TV's £15 streaming stick does voice
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It's pretty amazing how much you can get for so little when it comes to streaming sticks. If you're happy with your TV and don't feel the need to upgrade to a 4K smart TV, you can now get a Now TV Smart Stick for just £15 in the UK.

That gets you access to Sky's Now TV - all subscription based packages - as well as the Sky Store, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, All 4 (previously 4OD), ITV Hub, Vevo and TuneIn Radio.

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The new Smart Stick also comes with voice controls via a remote - you can use it to search TV shows and films as well as specific directors and actors. No Alexa or Google Assistant here, this is powered by Roku and its voice search software. Downloads are coming to Now TV on mobile and tablets from this Spring, starting with the Kids package, and Full HD shows and movies will be on the service by the end of 2018.

For TV fans in the UK who don't want to fork out a subscription to Sky, the £7.99 Entertainment package is a really good alternative to Netflix or Amazon Video as you get a lot of the prestige box sets from the US: Big Little Lies, The Night Of, Insecure, The Walking Dead, that sort of thing. You get 11 Sky channels and 300 box sets whereas the £9.99 a month Sky Cinema Pass has over 1,000 movies on demand - it's a particularly good selection of classic films.

Sky Sports is the most expensive but for football fans, for instance, probably crucial - £33.99 a month, 10.99 a week or 6.99 for a Day Pass. There's also a Sky Kids Pass for £2.99 a month with six channels and 'thousands of episodes' of kids TV.

Going the Now TV route won't be for everyone. Just because it is Roku powered doesn't mean it does everything a Roku branded stick does. The big one is that you won't get Netflix so the decision depends on what you're signed up to. Also missing: Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, Mubi and more.

There's no contract when you sign up for Now TV and you can also pause your subscription which is pretty handy. Now TV is offering bundles for a Smart Stick plus two months of Entertainment or one month of Sky Cinema for £19.99 or a Smart Stick plus one month of Sky Sports for £29.99.

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