Nvidia Shield TV Pro and Stick throw shapes at Android TV

New models are officially launched after consistent leaks

Nvidia's new Shield devices announced
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The most popular Android TV streaming box has been given a sequel, with Nvidia announcing the new Shield TV Pro and an all-new device, which houses the platform in a tube.

After a couple of high-profile leaks via in recent weeks, the flagship refresh and streaming stick have now been officially launched. The new Nvidia Shield TV Pro looks near-identical to the previous model, with the major design difference represented by a new triangle-shaped remote control.

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That controller comes with a microphone for voice controls, motion-activated backlit buttons, and a Netflix shortcut button. It ships with both of the new models, with the new Pro priced at $199.99.

Specs-wise, there's a new Tegra X1+ processor in the Pro and the new stick alike, which Nvidia says is 25% faster than previous one, and will "upscale HD video to 4K in real-time."

The new Shield Pro also adds Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, on top of Dolby Atmos, too.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro and like the next big Android TV box

Otherwise, specs and features haven't changed too much, including the 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, as well as the option of hands-free control using Alexa and Google smart speakers.

It's also been joined, though, as shown above by a new Shield TV streaming tube. Pen? Cylinder? Judge for yourself.

Also running Android TV, the Shield TV gets the same faster processor and support for the same Dolby standards. There's space for HDMI and a microSD card slot here too.

It also gets the same remote (unique shapes are apparently Nvidia's new thing), as we mentioned, but, by measuring 6.5-inches x 1.57-inches, the tube is obviously a much smaller device. It also costs $50 less than the Pro model.

So, why would you go for the bigger Pro? The smaller TV only has 8GB of internal storage, so half the bigger model, which would make the Pro more appealing to people with a big home movie library.

The Nvidia Shield has become a top pick for Android TV users, and when we recently spoke to product leads regarding the future of Android TV, they indicated the company still sees the Shield as its "hero" device.

These new devices look like they'll continue that trend.

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