Philips Hue 3.0 update adds new customizations and a much simpler app

Ever wanted to experience a Honolulu sunset?

Philips Hue 3.0 update adds new features

Philips has been the biggest name in smart home lighting for a long while, and now the company is updating its Hue app to with a couple of notable changes to make it as simple as possible to set up your lighting the way you want.

If you're a big fan of scenes, which let you instantly transform your lighting to a certain mood and ambience, there are a whopping 30 new ones to choose from. They were designed by Philips' lighting designers and are inspired by locations. So if you've ever wanted the lighting of a Honolulu sunset or, erm, London's Soho district, you're in luck.

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There's also improved navigation to make it easier to change your lighting's colors. On the home screen, you can press and hold on a room setup or individual light to choose from previous scenes, making it quicker to go back to another mood if the current one's just not doing it for you.

Finally, there are new color pickers that let you better group and ungroup lights in a room, making it easier to change your lights up room by room. The color picker is also just simpler to use in general, and Philips says it's easier to choose exact shades than it previously was.

Philips Hue 3.0 update adds new customizations and a much simpler app

It's nice to see Philips not rest on its laurels and make much-needed convenience updates to its app. The company says some of the updates were actually requested by customers in addition to its own lighting designers and user experience experts.

A batch of new scenes is also welcome. Sometimes it can get pretty tiring and inconvenient to create your own scenes or just choosing specific shades for your room. Sometimes you just wanna get home, pop open the app, choose a relaxing scene and unwind, not thinking about it one iota. The free update will roll out to both iOS and Android later this month.

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