Philips Hue gets new filament bulbs, updated Go light, and plenty more

IFA 2019: It's bringing Bluetooth across the range

Philips Hue filament bulbs are Go
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Signify is dropping the Philips Hue motherlode at IFA 2019, adding a bunch of new lights to its lineup and a few upgrades to existing products.

We'll start with the smart filament bulbs, which will probably generate the most buzz. The company tells us this is something people have long been asking for – we certainly have – and it's finally delivered with incandescent Edison-style bulbs in a variety of fittings.

The bulbs are completely exposed, with all the tech hidden the base, so to look at them you wouldn't know they're Hue bulbs at all.

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However, they work just like any other Hue bulb, and connect via the Hue Bridge or with Bluetooth, though the latter limits your control to inside the home.

The Hue Filament collection includes a $24.99 A19 bulb, a $26.99 ST19 tube, and a $32.99 G25 globe. All offer up 2100K of power at 530 lumens, so they'll comfortably light a room but they're not hugely bright.

Philips Hue launches filament bulbs, new Go, and plenty more

In fact, the entire range of Hue lights is being upgraded with Bluetooth. That includes the new portable Philips Hue Go light, the new G10 spotlight, and the refreshed E12 candle bulbs.

Signify is giving parity across range so buyers can simply buy any Hue product and get it working without a bridge – but hopes they'll later invest in the Hue Bridge for the added controls it offers.

Philips Hue launches filament bulbs, new Go, and plenty more

The new Hue Go has undergone a few other tweaks too, including a boost from 400 lumens to 520 lumens and a longer battery life. The company tells us you'll get up to 18 hours when in the dim candle settings, but less so with brighter settings. The power port has been moved slightly on the new Go too, so it's no longer awkward to stand up while it's charging. The new Go will go on sale in November for $79.99.

Finally, the new G10 bulb gets a boost up to 400 lumens along with the Bluetooth, and will be available for $54.99 in a color bulb, or $49.99 for a two-pack of white bulbs. The new E12 bulbs will go on sale for $32.99 for a two-pack.

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