​Google Nest smart speakers now double as a hub for your Hue bulbs

Hue, Lifx, Sylvania and more join Made for Google program

Google speakers now work as Hue hubs
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At the Made By Google hardware event this week, the company rolled out a list of new Made For Google partners. One of particular note is Philips Hue, and we can now confirm this means you can use a Google smart speaker to set up Bluetooth-enabled Philips Hue bulbs, and use them without a Hue bridge

Unlike the Amazon Echo Dot integration with Hue, when you pair the bulbs though a Google Nest speaker, you can also control them remotely from outside the home, without the bridge. You will still need the Hue bridge for some of the more advanced functionality, including entertainment and sleep/wake routines.

We asked Hue about this partnership and they confirmed that out-of-home control was enabled for all Hue Bluetooth bulbs, when they’re connected to a Google Home/Google Nest Mini, as well as with the Assistant on mobile, on 14 September via a Google firmware update.

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Out-of-home control also works with the Google Home app interface for light control, and this functionality is available for all Google smart speakers, old and new.

When it comes to smart home devices, 'Made For Google' is a relatively new moniker. It applies to hundreds of products in the mobile computing world, but so far C By GE had been the only manufacturer with a Made For Google smart home product.

Google Nest smart speakers are now a hub for Hue bulbs

In our recent review of C by GE bulbs, we noted how this integration facilitates a pretty smooth set-up. But because of the Google Home app’s limited smart home routines, it does take away some functionality from your smart bulbs compared to pairing them with their own app. However, when it comes to simplicity and voice control, it's a great solution.

Other smart lighting manufacturers joining Philips Hue include Lifx, Sylvania, and Sengled. Smart plug and switch makers TP Link (Kasa) and WeMo, plus Yale and Tile are also confirmed as Made for Google partners.

What this means is they can all now boast Google’s “seamless set up capabilities,” which is similar to Amazon Alexa's Frustration Free program.

You simply plug in your new device, open your Google Home app and it finds the device, pairs it for you, and then acts as that device’s hub.

Yes, your Google Nest Mini can now be the hub of your smart home.

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