Signify lights up CES with revamped Philips Hue dimmer switch and new outdoor lighting

Brighten up your garden with colorful new wall lights

New Hue dimmer switch goes live
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Lighting specialist Signify has used the virtual CES 2021 to announce three new Philips Hue products, designed to make your home lighting set-up even more personal and easy to use.

The pick of the bunch is the redesigned Philips Hue dimmer switch (£17.99), which upgrades one of its most popular products and gives you wireless control of your lights without using the app.

The switch can be mounted on its wall plate or placed on any magnetic surface – they suggest a metal door frame but our bet’s on the fridge door becoming a favorite spot, as long as it doesn’t get lost behind the phone bills and kids’ drawings.

In addition to dimming and brightening the lights, the switch can be used to set “light scenes” and get the best light dependent on the time of day – presumably something similar to the Smart Button which gives you cooler light temperatures in the morning and warmer, more relaxing light towards the end of the day.

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Also revealed are two new outdoor lights, the Amarant spotlight (£129.99) which gives a “wall washing” effect and offers millions of colors enhanced by a metal shield, and the Appear stainless steel wall light (£129.99) which gives an up and down floating light effect.

Amarant spotlight

Again this provides white light plus millions of color options, perfect for personalising your outdoor space as the weather begins to improve.

All of these new devices go on sale in Europe later this month. The dimmer switch will hit shops in the US on 23 February, the Amarant spotlight is due to land on 2 March and there's no date yet for a Stateside launch for the Hue Appear.

Signify also used CES 2021 to reveal the new Hue Wall Switch Module, which will make your dumb light switches smart.

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