Amazon has a great deal on a Philips Hue starter kit with Echo Dot

Trucking hell, that's not a bad deal

Amazon bundles Philips Hue with Echo Dot
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It’s not Amazon Prime Day yet, but deals are dropping left, right and center in the leadup to the main event. The latest is a deal on a Philips Hue starter kit, offering a cut-price way to get some smart lights in your home.

The starter kit comes with two smart white light bulbs, a Hue Bridge and an Echo Dot, for the grand total of $69.99. That’s about a $50 saving, as the starter kit doesn’t usually come with the Dot.

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In fact, Philips doesn’t often stick offers on Hue at all, so this is a pretty good deal. Note that this is for the white A19 60W bulbs - so not color - and there is a catch: it's one of Amazon's Treasure Truck deals.

That means you'll need to rock up to a physical location to pick it up, once you've paid online. Amazon literally sends this stuff out on trucks, the locations of which can be found on the website. It's just like a real treasure hunt... but for treasure you paid for with your hard-earned cash.

We expect to see a few more deals in smart lighting as Prime Day draws nearer. Sengled has told us it has a few incoming, and we expect Lifx and others to also offer some tantalizing offers.

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