The RemoBell S smart video doorbell promises the world for $99

It ticks a lot of the right boxes - could it really be this good?

RemoBell S smart doorbell revealed
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2019 is shaping up to be the year that everyone slaps a smart doorbell on their home, and Remo+ just put a very tempting offer on the table. Its new RemoBell S offers many of the smart doorbell must-have features you'll find from Ring, Nest and the gang - but for an incredibly low price of $99.

First, let's talk setup. This doorbell is wired, so you can't run it off a battery like Ring's latest Door View Cam, but it will connect using your existing wiring, should you have it. The company claims this will make the motion detection features all the more responsive... just how is unclear.

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You're getting a nice wide 180-degree field of view here, horizontal and vertical, which should be plenty to play with, along with a 1080p Full HD camera and the promise of up to 7.5m of night vision.

And yeah, there's motion detection - you can set up motion zones and get alerts when movement is detected in your designated watch spots. The two-way talk has full duplex audio too, which means each person can talk and listen at the same time; you won't have to take turns.

The RemoBell S works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, though the depths of those integrations aren't yet completely clear.

Still, all of this looks great on paper, including the support for up to five family members on the same camera account. For $99 it could give Nest, Ring and the rest of the gang a real run for their money. In fact, we can't help but notice the design similarities with the Nest Hello...

The S joins the RemoBell W, which is already available for $100 more. While it has a slightly smaller 160-degree field of view, the RemoBell W also comes with a PIR sensor on top of all the other aforementioned features. Both cameras have free 3-day rolling cloud storage, with the option to pay to upgrade if you wish.

We'll have to wait to test it out to be sure it's not too good to be true. Thankfully that won't be long, as the RemoBell S is available right now.

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