What renters want: Security cameras, smart locks and connected thermostats

Someone to do their laundry - obviously

What renters want in a smart flat
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More than three in four renters would pay more every month for a smart home tech package and their top three requests are smart security cameras, keyless entry and smart thermostats.

That's according to a US survey of 1,000 people by property software company Entrata. Smart home tech isn't number one on renters' lists of what they would pay more for, that honour goes to a basic tech package of high speed internet and cable TV. But it's up there with online rent payments and in-home laundry services, coming above a pool or on-site childcare. Priorities.

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Digging into the survey and there's some more interesting details. Rounding out the top five smart home requests are a security system - one in five respondents said they didn't feel safe - and an outlet system i.e smart plugs that automatically turn off if an appliance is left on. That top five echoes a pretty familiar story of safety, convenience and saving money/energy that we've seen in other surveys.

And you might expect Echo to top the survey but in fact 33% had no preference when it comes to Alexa vs Google vs Apple. That's not surprising considering cameras (including video doorbells), smart locks and thermostats can stand alone and that smart speakers didn't make an appearance in the answers (and possibly the questions).

Of those who did have a preference, Google Home won out with 16%, followed by Amazon Echo on 12% and Apple HomePod trailing on 11%.

So how much extra would renters pay for bundled in smart home devices? 57% would pay at least $20 a month extra with 8% willing to pay $46 or more as a premium. The most popular price range was $20 to $30 extra per month.

Would you pay more rent for smart home kit? How much would you pay and what types of devices would you want in your flat? Let us know in the comments.

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