Ring's new Door View Cam can turn any peephole into a smart camera

CES 2019: Plus, a load of new smart lights and sensors

Ring unleashes new Door View Cam
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Amazon-owned smart home company Ring is unleashing a handful of new devices at CES 2019, with its new smart doorbell, the Ring Door View Cam, headlining the lot.

The Door View Cam looks a lot like Ring's other doorbell cameras, but this one is designed to live on the door and replace your existing peephole, so you can still "peep" through the glass and see who's there. Ring also promises super-easy installation with no wiring (perfect for folks in apartments): just take off your existing door viewer, install the View Cam on either side of the door, put in the battery, attach the removable faceplate and you're good to go.

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As for features, the Ring Door View Cam offers most of the usual fare: 1080p HD video, a two-way talk system, activity detection, night vision, and a rechargeable battery. There's a button on the front that people can press, but you won't have to wait for visitors to work that out as the motion detector will give you a heads-up when someone has arrived. Like Ring's other cams however, you'll need the premium plan to gain access to recorded videos and other elite-level features.

The Ring Door View Cam will be available later this year for $199.

Alongside that, Ring is launching a collection of smart lighting products. There's the new Ring Floodlight, a motion-activated wired light for the outside that blasts 2000 lumens for $70. If you don't have the option to wire it up (or simply don't want to) there's a battery-powered alternative in Ring Floodlight Battery, which costs $20 less. You only get 600 lumens on that one.

In fact, there are a few new battery-powered, motion-detecting lighting options: a stairway light, a path light, and a spotlight. Or there's the simple $25 Ring Motion Sensor, which doesn't have a light but can be used to activate the others.

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If you have a lot of landscape lighting already and don't fancy replacing it all, there's the $100 Ring Transformer, which will give your older lights the smart features they deserve.

The new smart lights are up for pre-order today and start shipping 6 March.

Ring's new Door View Cam can turn any peephole into a smart cam

As if all that wasn't enough, Ring is rolling out a bunch of additional sensors for your home, including the Alarm Smoke and CO2 Listener, which has been on the site but shown as "out of stock" for months. The $35 sensor can be placed near any of your existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and will send alerts if their alarms sound.

There's also a new $30 version of the Dome Siren, which works with the Ring Alarm Security Kit and can be placed around the house for increased awareness. Oh, and there's a new Flood and Freeze sensor, which costs $35 a piece and will keep a watch for water and low temperatures.

Finally, Ring is going to integrate with some smart locks including select locks from Schlage and Yale and Kwikset - with August to follow. And naturally, everything mentioned above plays nicely with Alexa.

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