Ring Video Doorbell 2 gets Prime Day mega deal

A great chance to smarten up your front door

Ring Video Doorbell 2 deal is LIVE
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Smart video doorbells like Ring have taken the smart home by storm, and that’s why this deal over at Amazon is doing big numbers.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be picked up at Amazon UK for £119.99 which is a tidy little £60 saving on a full-priced device.

Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell 2 - Save £60
Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell 2 - Save £60

People have really got behind video doorbells, offering a way of communicating with house callers when you’re not home, and adding a layer of security at the threshold of your home. What’s more, integrations with devices like the Echo Show, which turns them into an intercom for your home offer genuinely pleasing smart home experiences.

And the Ring Video Doorbell has emerged as one of the best on the market. Unlike most video doorbells it’s available as 100% wireless, in case you don’t have existing wiring. That’s something the Nest Hello can’t offer.

Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell 2 - Save £60
Amazon: Ring Video Doorbell 2 - Save £60

And it’s not just the main Ring Video Doorbell 2 that’s getting a price cut.

There are discounts to be had on the Ring Spotlight Cam (battery and wired) and the floodlight cam too.

Check out the full list of deals below:

Ring Video Doorbell – now £69, saving £20 - Get deal

Ring Video Doorbell 2 – now £119, saving £60 - Get deal

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – now £149, saving £80 - Get deal

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery – now £139, saving £60 - Get deal

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (only on July 15) – now £89, saving £90 - Get deal

Ring Stick Up Cam Wired - £119, saving £60 - Get deal

Ring Floodlight Cam - £169, saving £80 - Get deal

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