Deal: The brand new Roborock S4 launches with a $40 discount

Grab an introductory discount on this robotic vacuum cleaner

Save $40 on the Roborock S4
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Last week we exclusively announced the Roborock S4 was launching on Amazon - well, it turns out it's launched with a tantalising $40 temporary discount. So rather than $399.99, expect to pay just $359.99 instead.

Amazon: Roborock S4 - Save $40
Amazon: Roborock S4 - Save $40

If you're looking to automate one of the least enjoyable chores, then a robotic vacuum could be just the trick.

The Roborock S4 packs in the features you would want, including scheduled cleaning times and the ability to learn both the layout of rooms but also the required level of suction required to get the job done. Now that's clever.

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You also have virtual no go zones, something you tend to miss out on from entry-level budget robot vacuum cleaners. This way you can define areas you want the robot vacuum to stay away from, such as wires and perhaps heirloom rugs that need a bit more care.

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There's 150 minutes of cleaning time from the built-in battery and the Roborock S4 is even clever enough to return to base if it calculates it hasn't got enough in the tank to complete its task.

Amazon: Roborock S4 - Save $40
Amazon: Roborock S4 - Save $40

The $40 off launch promo runs until 27 September. Just remember to check the voucher box on the product page before adding to your Amazon basket.

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