Samsung enhances its Frame TVs with improved smarts and better HDR

Let art adorn your wall

Samsung's Frame TVs get smarter
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Samsung's Frame TVs are some of the most interesting and forward-thinking TVs you can get out there. When they're not being used to watch the World Cup or Netflix, they double as an art display to blend into the room.

And now Samsung is giving the Frame TV an upgrade. While the Frame TV is still 4K UHD, like the previous edition, it's gaining HDR10+. HDR10+ is a Samsung-backed upgrade of HDR10, this big difference being that it allows your TV to dynamically customize the colors for each scene, always providing the best image possible, kind of like Dolby Vision. HDR10, on the other hand, keeps the same colors throughout.

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The Frame TV also comes with Bixby, so now you can use Samsung's smart assistant to ask about shows and movies while also controlling all your other smart home gadgets. The smarts also extend to convenience, as now your Wi-Fi and Samsung account details can be transferred from your phone automatically, saying you all that remote typing time.

Of course, the Frame TV is also coming with all the art-y features of the original. The Samsung Art Store is still around, and at $5 a month you'll be able to cycle through different paintings, photographs and more on your TV. You can also purchase individual pieces of art if you fall in love with one piece specifically.

You can browse through art either by your room color or the art medium, and the TV will cycle through like a slideshow. There are also sensors on the frame that will adjust the brightness based on the time of day and amount of light in the room.

The Frame TV comes in four different colors - black, white, walnut and beige wood - so that you can better match it to your decor. It'll be available from Samsung soon and will rollout to retailers by the end of the month. The 55-inch edition is $1,999 while the 65-inch version comes in at $2,700. There is no UK pricing or availability as of yet.

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