Samsung Galaxy Home is still missing, but hey, here's the Mini version anyway

Galaxy brain: Never launch, just iterate

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini appears
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The year is 2022. Samsung has just unveiled its latest Galaxy Home speaker, the Galaxy Home Max Pro, to rapturous applause. All previous Galaxy speakers are still unavailable to buy, and yet, no one cares. No one even remembers. We just clap along.

Such is the apparent strategy from Samsung right now. The company announced its first Bixby-powered smart speaker, the Galaxy Home, in 2018, and we still can't buy one.

But that didn't stop Samsung announcing the Galaxy Home Mini earlier this year, which we've just learned it's showing off this week at its annual developer conference.

Weirder yet, there's still no word on the OG Galaxy Home, after missing its planned launch date of Q3. Can you technically have a "Mini" version of something that never existed?

Just a couple of months ago, Samsung launched a beta trial program for the Mini in South Korea so it could give the diminutive speaker some real-world testing before unleashing it on the masses.

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It was a promising sign the Mini might actually happen, but we're no closer to discovering when that will be. The Mini is apparently in the demo area at the Samsung Developer Conference, but SamMobile says there was nary a mention of either speaker during the keynote.

We've asked Samsung for an updated timeline on the Mini, and whether the OG Galaxy Home even exists, and we'll update this story if we hear anything.

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