Sensibo Pure is a smart air purifier with voice control

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri all along for the clean air ride

Sensibo Pure air purifier with voice control
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After achieving success with its Sky Smart AC, Sensibo has unveiled a new smart air purifier to coincide with CES 2021.

According to the tech firm, the Sensibo Pure is the “world's most advanced smart air purifier that will keep you healthy and energized.”

Dyson might have a thing or two to say about that but we'll let it slide.

Using Pure Boost and a range of HEPA and carbon filers, the Sensibo Pure can filter and eradicate bad particles as small as 0.1um. Sensibo says it also offers protection from viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, and bad odors.

Whether you’re taking the kids to school, going to work, or doing the weekly food shop, the Pure Boost can automatically activate its turbo purification mode to ensure the air is safe and clean for when you return home.

Another clever feature of the Sensibo Pure is the ability to change how it operates based on factors such as who’s in the building, the quality of indoor air, outside pollution, and different times.

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The Sensibo Pure also uses an indoor air quality sensor for calculating around the clock, and it can switch on or off automatically.

It sports a myriad of advanced filters, too. There’s a Pre-Filter for large dust particles, PM10, and pollen; a HEPA filter for viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, and finer dust; as well as a carbon filter for formaldehyde, acetone, and cooking gas.

Thanks to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and HomeKit compatibility, the Sensibo Pure can be easily controlled via voice commands. So, you could say something like “Alexa, what’s the air quality like?” and get an answer in seconds.

If you own any other Sensibo smart devices, you can combine them with the Sensibo Pure to create a smart air quality filtration system. Sensibo claims that using the Pure with an AC fan can increase air circulationboosting air purification by up to 70%.

Prices vary based on the number of smart air purifiers you want to install throughout your home or office. While a single kit starts at $129, there’s also a Starter Kit (two units, $258), a Home Kit (three units, $357), and a Family Kit (four units, $476).

It's on pre-sale now, direct from Sensibo, shipping starts mid-February.

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