Amazon makes it easy to share Alexa Routines with URLs

Got a great Routine setup? You can now send it over to your friends

Amazon makes it easy to share Alexa Routines
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Amazon is making is super simple to share your Alexa Routines.

A new feature, which has just gone live in the US in the Alexa mobile app, allows you to create URLs for your Routines and then share them with your contacts.

For example, say you've got a killer morning Routine, whereby your "Alexa, it's a brand new day" voice command opens your smart blinds, turns on a bedside lamp, gets the heating fired up downstairs and disarms your smart security system - you can just pop into the Alexa app and grab a shareable URL for that Routine, to save your friends and family having to start building it from scratch.

To get the shareable URL, go to Routines in the Alexa app, tap the desired Routine and select if you want to share by text, email, or social media.

Obviously, the Routines that you share will require your contacts to have those specific smart home devices enabled in their Alexa setup.

When they receive the URL, they will be taken through some on-screen instructions in the Alexa app and will see some fields in yellow text, where they have to select what device they want a step of the Routine to take place on.

In the "brand new day" Routine mentioned previously, for example, you might have a Hue light in your bedside lamp and an Abode security system whereas your contact uses Innr smart lights and a SimpliSafe system.

To highlight the new system, Amazon has also created a number of Routine examples to get the creative vibes flowing.

You can check them out over on the Alexa Day One blog.

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