SimpliSafe unveils its first smart lock, and it's skinny

Ultra-thin, inexpensive smart lock launches in September

SimpliSafe announces new smart lock
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The smart home is not short of options when it comes to smart locks, however SimpliSafe - makers of the highly-rated DIY home security system, think there's a sliver of space for one more option.

Today, they announced the SimpliSafe Smart Lock, which the company claims is the thinnest on the market. At $99 it's also one of the cheapest (although you have to pay a monthly fee for remote access).

SimpliSafe unveils its first smart lock, and it's skinny

Big, bulky smart locks have been the form to date, and a sleeker option is definitely a good play, although the all-white casing is a bold move (there are three color options for the deadbolt - nickel, cloud, and obsidian). At 0.9 inches however, it's really slim and should blend into your door frame better than an August or Yale smart lock will. Just like the August however, it only replaces the rear of your lock, the front portion stays the same (so you can keep your existing keys).

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At launch, the lock will only work with the SimpliSafe security system, although the company tells us that a standalone version is on the cards. The lock comes with all the standard smart features, optional auto-locking (every sixty seconds in this case) and remote access so you can lock and unlock it from anywhere using the app (although you'll have to be on the $24.99 a month Interactive Monitoring plan).

SimpliSafe unveils its first smart lock, and it's skinny

Crucially, it can be operated with your original key, a pin code, or your phone, giving you multiple options for access - something we think is important in a smart lock. Integration with the SimpliSafe system means you also have the option of unlocking with your SimpliSafe key fob, a first as far as we're aware. Plus, when you arm your SimpliSafe system, or ask Alexa or Google to do it for you, it will now also lock the door.

"Many smart locks are large and bulky — they stick out from the door, physically and visually," says Dirk Ahlgrim, head of design at SimpliSafe. "We designed the SimpliSafe Smart Lock to be slim and modern, as well as easy and fast to install."

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SimpliSafe unveils its first smart lock, and it's skinny

Part of the slimmer form-factor comes from the pin pad being separate from the lock (although it's included when you buy it). You can assign pins to different members of your household and temporary ones for visitors, plus view a log in the app to see who has been coming and going. A door damage prevention feature works with a separate entry sensor to keep the deadbolt from extending unless the door is shut.

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock goes on sale at on 15 September for $99, and at Best Buy starting 13 October (preorders start 1 October).

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