Netflix is now live on Sky Q boxes

Here's all the juicy details - whether you've already got Netflix or not

Netflix is now on Sky Q boxes

Netflix has arrived for Sky Q customers. First announced in September, the big hook-up is now live with UHD Netflix streaming and your existing profiles are coming to the party.

Sky has confirmed that customers will get the full Netflix service, from new Originals to the older network stuff and movies - not just selected shows.

Existing Netflix users will be able to sign in and sync up their accounts to access Netflix through an app that will appear within the Sky Q platform.

If you're not currently a Netflix subscriber then you can add Sky's new Ultimate On Demand service to your plan for an extra £10 per month - that gets you all the Netflix goodies alongside Sky's box set selection of over 400 series. The big sell here is that you'll see Netflix shows alongside your regular Sky on-demand options from within the EPG.

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The 'level' of Netflix you get with this £10 plan depends on your Sky subscription and equipment. If you've got a Sky Q Entertainment package that gets you Netflix’s HD two-streams-at-a-time plan. If you have Sky Q’s premium subscription or Sky Q Experience (multi-room viewing and Ultra HD), and you use a 2TB Sky Q box, you'll be able to tap into Netflix’s Premium plan (Ultra HD, 4 streams).

Sky's really been stepping its game up as of late. This Netflix addition comes on the heels of Spotify hitting the platform, plus there's improved machine learning content recommendations and HDR technology on the way too.

Sky Q already boasts AirPlay and offers a Wi-Fi mesh system for top-notch coverage of your home. In short, it’s becoming an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse with the capability to start integrating with your smart home.

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