Smart Clock for Echo Flex is a super cheap timer

Latest Made For Amazon accessory goes live

Smart Clock for Echo Flex announced
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The latest accessory for Amazon's Echo Flex has just gone live - the Smart Clock for Echo Flex from Third Reality is an official Made for Amazon device that adds a digital clock to your wall outlet.

You simply plug it into the Echo Flex's USB port - it doesn't need batteries - and away you go. You can choose 12 or 24 hour display and you can also change the brightness with either an Alexa command or by using the Third Reality app.

The Echo Flex, in case you didn't know, is a small box you plug directly into an outlet, featuring a built-in speaker, which Alexa can answer through.

On the bottom there's a USB port you can use to charge a phone or other device while the Flex is plugged in... such as the new Smart Clock. There's also a smart motion sensor and an LED night light already on sale.

The Flex is all about extending Alexa's reach across the home, to places where Amazon's speakers haven't reached so easily or for use cases where a high-end smart speaker might be overkill - we can see the new Smart Clock being predominantly used in kitchens for timers - it can do 20 timers at once.

The Made For Amazon, Smart Clock for Echo Flex from Third Reality is available to order on Amazon now. It costs $14.99.

Smart Clock for Echo Flex
Smart Clock for Echo Flex

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