Smart home Black Friday 2019 deals: The Ambient predictions

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Black Friday 2019 smart home deals
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Black Friday is around the corner once again - and as always, it should be the perfect time to build that smart home you’ve been planning for so long. This is your moment.

This year, Black Friday falls on 29 November, and should see deals for major smart home companies, from Amazon to Google, Philips Hue and Ring.

Throughout the whole of Black Friday 2019, we'll be keeping this page updated with the best deals for you. We say that because Black Friday is no longer contained to a single day. You can expect discounts to run through the week starting on Monday 25 November to Cyber Monday 2019 on Monday 2 December at most retailers.

Amazon has just announced it's doing a Black Friday 8 day bonanza with its discounts starting on Friday 22 November.

Since we're old hands when it comes to seeking out the best deals at Black Friday time, we’re the right people to give you an idea of the types of deals to look forward to. If you want a sneak peak at what to watch for, read on.

Once Black Friday 2019 begins, check back here for the best smart home deals available.

Amazon Echo / Alexa Black Friday

Cyber Monday Week 2018 smart home deals: Speakers, lights, cameras and more

Amazon is a huge driver of Black Friday, and pretty much always offers some really hefty discounts on its own range of Echo and Alexa-powered tech for your smart home.

You can expect to pick up an Echo smart speaker at a hefty discount - last year Amazon knocked fully 40% off the price of its Echo Dot, for example, taking it down to $29.99. Pretty much every Echo speaker got a discount at some point, though, so if you're looking to pick one up, keep an eye out.

If you're happy to pick up an older version, too, Amazon likes to use Black Friday to clear out its stock, so you'll likely be able to pick up even steeper discounts. With the Echo Dot with Clock a fresh launch, older Dot versions could go for peanuts.

The Echo Spot has been discontinued, too, so expect that to get a major clear out.

Be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime to make the most of your new Alexa smart speaker.

Google Home Black Friday

Smart home Black Friday 2019 deals: The Ambient predictions

Google's all in on smart home tech, along with all the other big tech players, and should offer up some nice discounts this year, following 2018's example.

Last year saw Google Home smart speakers discounted by up to 40%, and the same went for Google Home Mini speakers. That made for really cheap ways to get Google Assistant into your home. Home speakers, Assistant-powered smart home tech and Chromecasts are all available to grab in the big Cyber Week sale. Read on for the pick of the best deals still available.

Since last year, Google's launched a few new devices, including its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays, so if you've been on the fence about any of those, keep an eye on this page to see if some attractive discounts make a difference to you.

Apple HomePod Black Friday

Cyber Monday Week 2018 smart home deals: Speakers, lights, cameras and more

Apple has spent a lot of 2019 so far pushing HomeKit integration, as it tries to become a default choice if you're setting up a smart home ecosystem. Well, we're hopeful that that will translate to deals on Black Friday 2019.

Last year, Apple offered money back vouchers on its devices and, on the smart home front, that meant you could get a $50 Apple Store Gift Card when you bought a HomePod smart speaker, or a $25 gift card when you buy an Apple TV.

That's a lot like free money if you're a frequent Apple user, and we'd expect Apple to offer at least something along the same lines. We could also be treated to traditional discounts on HomePod speakers.

Philips Hue Black Friday

Cyber Monday Week 2018 smart home deals: Speakers, lights, cameras and more

Philips Hue is a reliable major player in the sales bonanza when Black Friday rolls around, offering reductions and bundles on its bulbs, light strips and starter kits. Considering these items are usually on the pricey end of the scale, too, Cyber Week represents the perfect time to invest in the smart lights.

Last year we saw discounts of around 20% on a range of different Hue bulbs, and good savings on bundle deals, offering the chance to save $20 or more on starter kits and bulb bundles.

With Hue on the pricier end of the smart lighting spectrum, Black Friday 2019 offers a great chance to pick up some kit for your lighting setup without breaking the bank.

Ring Doorbell Black Friday

Smart home Black Friday 2019 deals: The Ambient predictions

Ring's various smart home security products are massive Black Friday favorites. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has appeared before with some steep savings. Last year, you could grab one for just $139.99 with a free Echo Dot thrown in. That's a big saving from its usual $200 RRP with a bonus smart speaker.

But, the deal to beat now is $159 with a free Echo Show 5 worth $89.99. The Echo Show 5 is a smart display so is even better placed to work with the Ring Video Doorbel 2. Of course, Ring has plenty of other smart security products, so keep an eye out for its multi-piece security system to go on sale, too.

Sonos Black Friday

Cyber Monday Week 2018 smart home deals: Speakers, lights, cameras and more

Sonos is a classy option for multi-room speakerheads. It marries ease of use to quality of build and sound, which is a pretty compelling package. Best of all, it's not afraid of lumping in when Black Friday comes to town. Last year, it offered nice price cuts across its range of smart speakers, with the flagship Sonos One, Sonos Beam soundbar and the Sonos Sub all included throughout the Cyber Week sale.

We expect Sonos or retailers like Amazon look to reduce these same devices this year, since Sonos has added a few more options since last year. We wouldn't necessarily expect the Sonos Move, for example, to be discounted so soon after its launch, but if it does get a price cut we'll be right on top of it.

Where will I find Black Friday smart home deals?

Cyber Monday Week 2018 smart home deals: Speakers, lights, cameras and more

Most of the major retailers will get involved with Black Friday 2019. As we mentioned above, Amazon will certainly be one of the driving forces on both sides of the Atlantic.

In America, Walmart, Best Buy and Target are always on top of the pile for deals on home technology, and that should extend to smart speakers and other categories.

For our readers in the UK, some of the key retailers to keep your eye on will be John Lewis, Argos and Currys PC World, alongside other retailers like Very.

Something to remember, though, is to stick to reputable retailers. It's always tempting to click on alluring-sounding deals from grey importers shipping from Hong Kong and China, especially when they're showcasing improbably low prices.

The issue there is that you might not get a warranty that's valid for your territory, and could run into problems down the line. That's before we consider the compatibility of accessories and chargers, import taxes, and the risk of counterfeits.

How will I know I'm getting a good deal for Black Friday?

To begin with, we're not going to be showcasing any old deal on The Ambient. We've been watching the market for years, so we know the difference between a great sale and a mirage. We'll only bring you the best deals.

Whether retailers are quoting original RRPs on their discounts, or misleading customers another way, we can cut through to ignore less appetizing offers.

Even without our help, though, you can find some tools to let you see a product's historical price, if you want to do some digging of your own.

One great tool is a browser extension called Keepa. This embeds a graph showing the item's price history onto Amazon pages. It's a great option to get a quick sense for the quality of a deal on Amazon.

It's also important to make sure you don't buy something that isn't actually up to much, just because it's discounted. Make sure you're keeping on top of our reviews and guides to let you know the best-in-class products for different categories. It's not your job to help retailers shift stock for dud products.

A good place to start is our list of the best smart speakers and the best smart bulbs.

The Ambient has affiliate partnerships and may receive a commission if you click a link to a retailer and make a purchase. These affiliate partnerships help to support the work we do and do not influence the products we cover or how we cover them. Read our Editorial Promise.

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