Sonos Beam soundbar is now on sale with some tempting discounts

Sonos wants to take your living room

Sonos Beam soundbar is now on sale
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The Beam soundbar is Sonos's bid to take control of your living room, and it's now on sale from Sonos and various retailers for $399.

The Beam, which was announced in June, is a compact sound bar for the TV with Alexa built in. It's a good-sounding speaker in its own right, at a more affordable price than the Sonos Playbase, but voice control means Sonos can play in the smart home, so you can use Alexa to control not only the TV but all your other compatible and connected devices too.

While Alexa is the only smart assistant living on the Beam today, Google Assistant support will arrive later this year, and Sonos seems pretty agnostic on this - expect it to remain open to other voice assistants in the future.

The Beam has also improved significantly between announcement and launch, with AirPlay 2 rolling out. That means iOS users will be able to shoot over whatever's playing on their phone, control music with Siri (from your phone), and use Sonos Beam in conjunction with other AirPlay 2-supporting speakers - like the HomePod.

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At the Sonos Beam launch event last month, the company revealed that just over 30% of Sonos sales come from existing customers, and that 93% of Sonos products ever bought are still active today. That means there's a big opportunity here for Sonos to get this in people's living rooms and get them buying more of its speakers.

To sweeten the deal, Sonos is also offering some limited-time offers, including $100 off a Beam with a Sub, $20 off a pair of Sonos One speakers, and $50 off a Beam with two Play Ones.

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