Sonos earbuds uncovered in patent filing

Bluetooth buds incoming with new Sonos headphones?

Sonos earbuds uncovered in patent filing
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Sonos headphones have been doing the round on the web rumor mill for a while now, thanks mainly to some patent images that showed up earlier this year, but now it appears that the over-ear cans may well be accompanied by a pair of Sonos earbuds.

Uncovered by the guys over at ZatzNotFunny, the patent for the potential Sonos buds shows off a somewhat strange design.

With a very strong Bluetooth-headset-2004 vibe, the Sonos earbuds featured in a bunch of images in the USPTO filing seems to show off a couple of design styles of earbuds, alongside three charging case form factors.

There looks to be a USB-C charging port, as well as detachable battery plates.

Listed in the filing is also a basic sketch of a pair of over ear headphones which are tagged as being "in accordance with aspects of the disclosed technology."

sonos roam headphones

That leads us to think that any Sonos headphones and earphones launched in the future will work in the same way.

And it's easy to assume that way will be as per the recently launched Sonos Roam portable speaker, which is able to act as both a Bluetooth and a regular Sonos network speaker at the same time.

It's not a major stretch to foresee some Sonos headphones/earphones that work in the same way as the Roam, i.e. allowing you to ping music from your phone using either Wi-Fi and your Sonos S2 app, or just over Bluetooth with your music streaming app of choice.

Like the Roam, we'd expect to be able to easily transfer your tunes from the headphones to a Sonos speaker with the tap of a button.

Anticipation is high for some new Sonos goodies after the multi-room speaker specialist's CEO Patrick Spence got the rumor-mill in a frenzy following an earnings call back in February.

"We remain committed to launching at least two new products per year and are well on track as we look at our fiscal 2021 product roadmap," Spence told investors during the call.

The first of those products, the aforementioned Roam, went live in March. It's looking more and more lilkely that the next launch will be these buds, headphones, or even both.

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