Sonos' Flex subscription service will let you rent its speakers for cheap

Initially being trialled in the Netherlands, Sonos again lowers the bar for entry

Sonos debuts new subscription service
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Sonos has launched a new subscription service, making its smart speaker range more accessible to those who don't want to shell out lump sums.

The service, Sonos Flex, which is currently being trialled in the Netherlands, will start at €15 a month. At least to begin with, it's going to be tested across 500 Dutch homes, with tiers also available for €25 and €50 per month.

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For that initial €15, you'll get two Sonos One speakers, to be paired or used as desired. If you want a more involved setup, the €25 tier can can add a Sonos Beam soundbar to the two Sonos One speakers, which could make a pretty nice surround sound system.

Meanwhile, for €50, you can get a full-on home theater setup, with a Sonos Playbar, a Sub, and those two Sonos Ones all together.

Those bigger setups are seriously pricey if you buy them outright from Sonos, so it's clear to see the appeal of getting a taste of them for a way lower cost. Sonos also says that each speaker will be replaced by newer models as they release, and you can pick whether you want them in black or white finishes.

Delivery is also free, alongside free professional installation for Amsterdam residents, which is a pretty comprehensive package for a low up-front cost.

That said, this isn't a financing system - it's just a subscription. That means that you could theoretically pay the monthly fee forever, and at no point would you own any of the hardware.

Sonos Flex, alongside the recent Ikea Sonos Symfonisk range, is another attempt from the company to get people hooked on its audio by lowering the bar for entry.

There's no indication as to when Sonos Flex might come to other territories, or how much it will cost, but we'll be sure to update you as and when any further news emerges.

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