Sonos IFTTT integration gives your smart home control of the music

Sonos keeps opening up

Sonos speakers now work with IFTTT
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Sonos promised it would start opening up its platform to third-party companies, and it's kicking things off with IF This Then That (IFTTT) integration.

This will let Sonos users integrate their speakers into the wider smart home in a number of interesting ways. You could, for example, add a recipe that starts Sonos blasting your favorite song when your smart lock registers you entering your home.

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Or you could enable a recipe that stops all music playing when your Nest Protect alarm detects smoke. There's even an applet that stops your music playing when your Uber arrives. What a time to be alive.

As well as playing a pre-defined song or playlist, IFTTT has control over the basic playback functions: pause/resume/next/previous, and the volume controls. Right now, if you want to create an applet, you need to create it as an 'action', as triggers aren't working.

Sonos has already contributed a bunch of applets you can find here. The integration is in beta right now, and Sonos says it will be adding more functionality as the beta develops.

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