Ikea and Sonos reveal second Symfonisk speaker - and it's disguised as a lamp

Let there be sound - and light

Sonos and Ikea reveal new speakers

After months and months of teasing, Sonos and Ikea have fully revealed the fruits of their smart home collaboration. Yes, we say fruits; there's a second speaker here that's been kept secret - until now.

Last June, Sonos and Ikea revealed the first speaker from their 'future home sound' collaboration: the Symfonisk book-shelf speaker. Since then, the design has been tweaked, and we're now seeing the final (read: really final) design. More on that in a moment - what about that second speaker?

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Ikea and Sonos are also launching a speaker lamp, which too goes under the Symfonisk name. The table lamp has a Wi-Fi speaker built in, and despite looking a bit like a sex toy, we're assured is a fully functioning light doubling as a jukebox.

Surprise! Ikea and Sonos have a second Symfonisk speaker - a lamp

In fact, both speakers are Wi-Fi-connected and will work with Sonos multi-room, so while neither have smart assistants built in, you'll be able to control the Symfonisks using Alexa (and, at some point this year, the Google Assistant) through the Sonos One, Beam or other Alexa-enabled speakers.

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The lamp uses a standard E12/E14 socket, so you can also fit it with a smart bulb - Trådfri or otherwise - if you wish. As for the book-shelf speaker, that can be placed on its side or stood upright. It also comes with an integrated bracket for wall mounting. The idea is that it will fit in and around Ikea furniture, such as being slotted into the Billy bookcase or secured under a Metod kitchen cabinet. One picture shows the speaker mounted to a wall, while it's being used to prop up some books in the other.

As for pricing, the lamp will cost $179, while the book-shelf becomes Sonos's cheapest speaker to date at $99.95. We're still waiting on UK pricing, so hang tight. Both speakers will start selling this August.

Ikea reveals its Sonos Symfonisk bookshelf speaker ahead of August launch

What might, at first glance, seem a strange partnership could be hugely beneficial to both Ikea and Sonos. Ikea began its push into the smart home with its Trådfri line of smart lights and plugs, and getting the Sonos brand behind it will validate its branch out into speakers. As for Sonos, it's a way to sell cheaper speakers - and get into more homes.

Both Ikea and Sonos say this will be a long-term partnership, not a one-off product, so we can expect to see a whole range hitting the furniture megastores in the coming years.

Sonos and Ikea are showing off their new speakers at the Milan Furniture Fair, where we'll be getting up close with Symfonisk - so check back for our first impressions.

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