Sonos Move, the company's first portable Bluetooth speaker, leaks out

Sonos is going mobile – likely this month

Sonos Move revealed in leak

Sonos is set to launch its first portable Bluetooth speaker, according to leaked information and some images showing the purported new Sonos Move.

The new speaker, which we believe will be announced later this month, will mark the first time Sonos has cut the cord. As shown in marketing images unearthed by WinFuture, the Sonos Move will come with a base station, where it will dock and act like a normal Wi-Fi Sonos speaker. However, you'll also be able to remove it from said dock, hit a button on the back, and put the speaker in Bluetooth mode.

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The base station is also used to charge the Move using the USB-C port or the two contact sensors on the base station. There's even a built-in handle on the back for carrying, however The Verge, which has spoken with a source that has knowledge of the project, says that the speaker won't be controllable using the Sonos app when in Bluetooth mode, only when docked.

Sonos Move, the company's first portable Bluetooth speaker, leaks out
Image credit: Winfuture

According to same report, the speaker will be tall and "slightly wider" than the Sonos One. It will also offer the choice of Alexa or Google Assistant built in, like the Sonos One and Beam, but these also won't be available in Bluetooth mode.

For those who want a third alternative to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the portable speaker will also support Apple AirPlay 2.

That's not all, however. Sonos will also be launching a new feature with the speaker - something called Auto Trueplay - that allows the speaker to use the built-in microphones to adjust the sound output to match the room. A similar feature has been a part of Apple HomePod and Google Home Max, though both of those smart speakers required a physical connection, and aren't portable.

When can we expect all this goodness to land? Well, Sonos recently sent out media invited to its “biggest event of the year,” on 26 and 27 August, where it will unveil some new hardware. It's fair to assume the new Bluetooth speaker, and probably more, will make their debut then.

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