With its new Move speaker, Sonos goes portable for the first time

A speaker built for indoors and out

Sonos reveals portable Move speaker
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Sonos has announced its first ever Bluetooth speaker, the Sonos Move, the company's first portable offering.

Sonos likes to describe the Move as two speakers in one, and that's actually true. When inside on Wi-Fi, the Move will automatically tune itself to the room using its new Automatic Trueplay feature. To date, Sonos' Trueplay has required users to wave their phone around the room to acoustically calibrate it, and even then it's only been available to iOS users.

First look: Sonos Move review

The Move does that job itself, and like the Apple HomePod will adjust its tuning should you move it. Take the Move outside and this switches to a fixed tuning profile that Sonos believes will work in any outdoor environment. Basically, it ensures the sound goes louder. This thing goes really, really loud.

The Move comes with a dock that it can sit on when inside, which will keep the speaker charged. Simply remove it from the dock and it will be powered the built-in (and replaceable) battery, which last for 10 hours.

The idea is, if your home's Wi-Fi is strong enough, you've got yourself a regular - but portable - Sonos speaker to take into the garden; with all the familiar Sonos functionality. However, if your Wi-Fi isn't up to the task, or you're taking the Move to the park, the beach or wherever else you want to listen to your music, you can simply push a button to switch on Bluetooth mode and use it as a regular Bluetooth speaker.

Sonos had to make it durable to withstand the outdoors, so the Move is IP65 rated, which means it will keep out dust, dirt, sand and moisture. That last one is a biggie, and Sonos' engineers told us this will be able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and splashes, but not an all-out dunking – so keep it away from the pool.

As mentioned, Sonos promises up to ten hours of playtime on a single charge, and . If there's no activity for 30 minutes (and the speaker isn't playing any music) the Move will switch to 'Suspend mode', a sleep state that can stretch the battery to up to five days.

But Sonos hasn't cut back on sound quality. In fact, it says the sound quality lies somewhere between the Sonos One and the Play:5. We only got a few short demoes with it, but we can attest for the fact it certainly goes louder. It's clear Sonos hasn't skimped on the specs here, but the result is a speaker that costs $400, making it one of the company's pricier offerings.

Beyond all that, there's Google Assistant and Alexa built-in, as well as AirPlay 2, but these all only work when the Move is connected to Wi-Fi.

The Move will go on sale starting 24 September on both Sonos' website and partner retailers.

For more details and a first look at the Sonos Move, check out our hands-on preview. Sonos has also announced the Sonos One SL, which is almost identical to the One but doesn't have Alexa or Google Assistant.

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