Sonos smart home theater speaker looks set for a reveal this June

New speaker with HDMI set to join Playbar and Playbase

Sonos home theater speaker coming June

Smart home giant Sonos took a step into smart speakers with the Alexa-enabled Sonos One. Now it looks like it's taking the next step with a smart home theater speaker.

That's according to an FCC regulatory filing spotted by Variety. The speaker, which sports the model number S14, also features an HDMI port. We don't exactly know what this home theater speaker will look like because most of the filing is redacted.

Since then, we've also received an invitation to a Sonos event on 6 June in San Francisco. The picture on the invite shows a table covered in remotes with the tagline "You're better than this", strongly suggesting that the big reveal will indeed be something home theater-related.

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Sonos is a player in the home theater speaker already with its Playbar and Playbase products. The Playbar was introduced back in 2013 while the Playbase, which is smaller and sits below a TV, was introduced last year. It's possible that this S14 looks or works similar to those, but with Alexa or Google Assistant built in. Just like the Sonos One.

Sonos is working on a home theater speaker with Alexa powers

The Sonos One, of course, is the company's first foray into smart speakers. It's a partnership with Amazon that results in one of the better third-party Alexa experiences you can have. Alexa doesn't have all the features it normally does on other devices, like calling, but it still has a good amount of smarts. The speaker will also be getting Google Assistant later this year.

The addition of HDMI to the S14 is an interesting one for Sonos, as Sonos home theater speakers genuinely feature optical out ports. The downside to this is that they lack Dolby Atmos support. However, adding HDMI likely means Dolby Atmos support is on the cards for the S14.

We already know Alexa has entertainment powers on devices like the Fire TV and Echo Show. It's easy to wonder whether a home theater smart speaker would be able to integrate entertainment features. Could Sonos build a streaming box into its home theater speaker to create an all-in-one home theater experience? We can dream.

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