Newer Sonos speakers will get AirPlay 2 support this July

Siri is now talking to Sonos

Sonos speakers getting AirPlay 2 this July
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In the same week as WWDC, it was a perfect time for Sonos to announce that its newest speakers will be getting Apple’s AirPlay 2 feature very soon.

The newest speakers among Sonos’ lineup will get AirPlay 2 this July. And by newest speakers, we mean the Sonos One, the second-gen Play:5 and the Playbase. It’ll work with all future products too including the new Beam soundbar, said Sonos VP of marketing Allen Mask.

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AirPlay 2 doesn't only let you use any iOS device to control Apple Music playback on your Sonos speakers, it'll also let you cast audio from video services like YouTube and Netflix, making Sonos speakers an even better companion device to an Apple TV 4K. Sadly Sonos confirmed that you won't be able to group your Sonos speakers with the HomePod via AirPlay 2, but fear not, we have a workaround.

On the plus side, when you pair these new, AirPlay 2-supporting Sonos speakers with your older Sonos speakers, you'll bring AirPlay 2 capabilities to your entire Sonos system. That's because the new Sonos speakers will act as "hubs" while the old ones will just stream the music or audio it needs to.

So why can't the older Sonos speakers add AirPlay 2? Processing power. Sonos points out that the Play:1 has 1/16th the processing power of the Sonos One. Thus, it can't garner enough power to run AirPlay 2's software effectively.

This will all also work with the Alexa voice assistant - something Sonos calls “continuity of control” - so you can start a song from your iPad and then ask Alexa to skip tracks, or whoever the artist is. You could even start a song with Siri on your personal device and then pick up with Alexa.

So while Siri isn't living on the speaker, it's now talking to it. Speaking of which, there's still no news when Google Assistant is coming to the Sonos One. Sonos said it's "deep" into working with Google on this and promised it'll be with us soon. The company also said it wants to support "all voice assistants" in the future. "We will remain fiercely open," said CEO Patrick Spence.

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