Google Assistant will be on Sonos speakers by the end of the year, says company CEO

The wait for the integration is nearly over - kind of

Google Assistant on Sonos before year's end

Sonos has been teasing a marriage between Google Assistant and its smart speakers for over a year now, and we just got our biggest hint yet at when the feature could arrive.

Speaking to The Verge, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence says that the integration can be expected "later this year", with both parties working hard to get it ready in time for the holiday sales period. The company's speakers, of course, started out slow in the voice control department, though the likes of the Sonos One and Sonos Beam do offer support for both Amazon's Alexa and AirPlay 2.

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If you have a Google Assistant home right now, there is a workaround to use Google Assistant to voice control Sonos via the free Yonomi platform.

And though we know Assistant will soon be coming to challenge Alexa, Spence also indicated that the two may not be the only smart assistants heading to Sonos, saying that the company is considering a partnership with the likes of Tencent or Baidu, in order to bring a Chinese-language voice assistant to the speakers.

The Sonos head was speaking after the company became a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq exchange earlier this week. Its stock rose from $15 a share and settled at just under $20 at the end of trading, giving it a valuation of just under $2 billion.

Part of the reason for its success, Spencer suggested, was the fact that 93% of the devices its ever shipped are still active. And while that consistency in support was bolstered through the wide-reaching AirPlay 2 integration, it will no doubt be more difficult for the company to keep supporting newer technologies as the years progress.

And, interestingly, now that the company is public, the rivals it's looking to take on in a more significant manner are also even more crucial to its continued success. Spencer says that it's found a “mutually beneficial” relationship with the likes of Amazon, and therefore it doesn't envisage it pulling Alexa from devices, though this is certainly an intriguing conundrum to follow moving forward.

In the meantime, we'll be sitting anxiously by our Sonos speakers awaiting Google Assistant's arrival.

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