Sonos Sub double act puts extra bass in your place

Why settle for one sub-woofer when you can have two?

Sonos Sub double act adds extra bass
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There are, believe it or not, an active group of people on the Sonos forums that have been asking for the ability to add two Sonos Subs together within their home theatre setups.

The good news for them, and probably not their neighbors, is that their prayers have been answered, with a duo Sonos Sub surround sound system now a possibility.

There are a couple of rules here though, it's not just a case of slapping a Sonos Sub either side of your TV and hoping for the best.

One of the Sonos Subs in the pair will need to be the latest model - that's 3rd-gen, which went on sale earlier this year alongside the company's latest (and greatest) soundbar, the Arc.

The Sonos Sub 3 looks almost exactly the same as the gen-2 model but has had its innards improved significantly in terms of memory and processing power.

The good news is that, if you have the newest Sonos Sub as part of your Sonos system then you'll be able to add an older Sub to the mix.

Be aware though that you will need to have your Sonos setup running on the S2 app, not the older S1 legacy platform.

If you're ticking both of those boxes then it's just a case of setting up the second Sub within your surround sound system within the Sonos app, to get it singing and dancing with your Sonos Arc or Beam (or indeed PlayBar or PlayBase) and any rear speakers you have.

It'd be an expensive as heck system, sure. But you could always save $50 buy picking up the mic-less Sonos Arc SL, which has just gone on sale Stateside.

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