Spotify Premium for Family users in the UK can pick up a free Google Home Mini

Whether you're a new or existing subscriber, a free smart speaker can be yours

Free Google Home Mini awaits Spotify users

Channeling its inner Oprah Winfrey, Spotify is set to hand out a free Google Home Mini to subscribers of its Premium for Family plan.

The deal is pretty much identical to last year's giveaway, only this time it's being extended to UK users, instead of those stateside. Until 14 May, providing stock lasts, both new and existing subscribers of the plan can sign up to get the smart speaker, which is usually priced at $49.

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Spotify Premium for Family allows up to six members of a household access the full Spotify experience, though only the master of the account can redeem the free Mini. Once it's in the home, though, Google Voice Match can be set up so that six different voices can be logged and recognised by Google Assistant.

Wondering what's in it for Spotify and Google? Well, as with the US offer last year, there's actually a strong incentive for both parties; Google gets its entry-level tech into your home (with the hopes you'll explore buying other connected devices and also ignore Amazon) and Spotify gets more people linking their accounts to smart devices and broadening its reach.

However, since the Home Mini is a great option for both rookies and veterans of the smart home, we imagine this deal won't be sticking around for long. Head over to the Spotify UK website and log in to reserve your device - right now, both the chrome and charcoal colour options are available.

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