Tado's second-gen Smart AC Control will save you a chunk of money on bills

Making your energy use even more efficient

Tado's Smart AC Control gets smarter
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Tado might be a relatively small name in the world of smart thermostats, but it's still a big deal in Europe. The company has managed to make stylish, simple smart thermostats that work with Google Assistant, Alexa and HomeKit.

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It's back with the Smart AC Control V2, which comes with new software and control algorithms that Tado says will save you up to 40% on energy costs. Tado is so confident, in fact, that the V2 comes with a 100-day Energy Savings Guarantee. So if you don't feel like the V2 is saving you money after a hundred days, Tado will give you a full refund - no questions asked.

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Most of the work into the improved energy efficiency comes from software tweaks and algorithm changes, but the other amount comes from the Smart Climate Assistant, the software that Tado debuted at IFA 2017. This is a bundle of smart features that include Tado's signature geofencing technology.

So when you're away from home, your AC will turn off; when you approach home, it'll turn back on. Smart Climate Assistant introduces new features like Weather Adaptation which uses local weather reports to constantly tinker with the temperature so that you're getting the most efficient use possible.

You'll also get daily climate reports and monthly energy savings reports, so that you can see how Tado's tech is helping you save money on your energy bill. All of this helps it match up when compared to its biggest competitors, Hive and Nest. It's gained on the smart features of the Nest, and is compatible with radiator valves and more assistants than the Hive.

The The Smart AC Control V2 is available now for $179 for a single pack and £249 for a duo pack in the UK. One note: If you're in the US you can still enjoy the Tado Smart AC Control V2 - it even supports Fahrenheit - but you'll have to head over to Amazon's UK site to get it.

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