The week in smart home: Tidal arrives on Echo speakers and more

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Tidal comes to Echo speakers
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It's the weekend. You're still reeling from the events of the week. Events like Google's speakers getting helpful new features, Roku TV getting a pair of wireless speakers, Echo Buttons getting more useful, and the UK getting Alexa Blueprints.

It's a lot. We get it. But what's that? What's that inside you? It's a hunger. A hunger for smart home news. Brace yourselves then scroll down for a hefty portion of the stories you might have missed.

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The week in smart home: Tidal arrives on Echo speakers and more

Tidal's got 99 problems but Echo ain't one

Tidal, the choice streaming service for literally tens of people around the world, has come to Amazon's Echo smart speakers. The service became integrated this week - to use it you'll need a Tidal subscription then simply download the Tidal Alexa skill. This also means you can set Tidal as your default music service, so Alexa will know where to stream from without you specifying.

Tidal's USP is high-fidelity audio (that, and a promise to pay more royalties to artists despite reports it's been late to said payments) but no Echo speaker can handle Tidal's hi-res MQA tech, so you're not going to notice any benefit here. Still, you get access to your library and Tidal's playlists, and the integration does make Amazon's platform stronger for music. Tidal is also the first music service to get to the Echo using Amazon's Music Skill API, rather than working with Amazon directly.

The week in smart home: Tidal arrives on Echo speakers and more

Halo purifier will keep your home fresh

Mork and Mindy. Mario and Luigi. Ed Norton and himself. Iconic duos, all of them, but are they as iconic as these two? The Wynd Halo and Home Purifier - creations of Wynd Technologies - are a pair of air purifying gadgets that promise to keep your home air quality at its best. The Wynd Halo monitors the air while the Home Purifier cleans it.

The Halo has 10 sensors that can track allergens, pollution, smoke, germs and other nasties. It can also classify the individual pollutants in the air, the company says. This then works in tandem with the Purifier to rid your home of the bad stuff. They're currently on Kickstarter where they've shot well past their $50,000 goal, with 57 days to go at the time of writing. Great stuff.

The week in smart home: Tidal arrives on Echo speakers and more

Sweet 16 for IFTTT as new services arrive

Oh IFTTT, how we love you. Quietly accomplished, you just get on with it, making all our lives that little bit easier. This week the platform for support for 16 new services, as spotted by Android Police. so you can now integrate AirTouch (for controlling your home climate), Withings Sleep (control the lights and temperature while you sleep), Logitech Circle (for controlling your smart cam) and more: Albert Heijn, Base, Beam, ChatWork, Fort Collins Utilities Commercial Conservation Events, GarageWiFi & Gates, Home Connect Cooktop, Home Connect Roxxter, Kaufland, Link Smart Home, Legrand Home + Control, Mitsubishi Electric kumo cloud and Roost Leak Detector.

The week in smart home: Tidal arrives on Echo speakers and more

Netatmo snapped up by Legrand

Legrand, the French maker of switches and sockets, has bought startup Netatmo. Starting out with its weather station, Netatmo has since expanded its offerings with security devices and a smart smoke alarm. The acquisition will let the two combine their strengths: Netatmo will bring its smart home tech expertise, while Legrand has the reach to get it into a huge number of homes. In fact, the two started collaborating in 2017 for Legrand's 'CĂ©liane with Netatmo' smart switches and power outlets.

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