Triby's next-gen smart speaker goes live packing HomeKit skills

Alexa is also coming along for the ride

Triby's new speaker-radio packs HomeKit
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Triby – a new smart speaker and controller for Apple HomeKit – has launched, offering users the chance to bring a little offline order to their smart home.

The second-generation Triby controller syncs with Apple Home, letting you to configure scenes to be controlled by one of its five physical buttons. It’s great for those who like the convenience of an old-fashioned light switch as you can now change the ambience of your house by the press of a button.

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You can map specific scenes from Apple Home, enabling you to shutdown the entire house, or enable certain thematic moods, or dimming the lights for movie night. Everyone does that, according to every smart bulb company, so it must be true.

The Triby speaker as an E Ink screen with mappable buttons on either side. Unsurprisingly, it’s only compatible with iOS devices.

Of course, Triby is pitched as a smart speaker – and supports Alexa out of the box. The first generation led the way with intercom features, internet radio and playing streamed music via its beefy speakers, but those features are commonplace thanks to updates on Echo.

Triby will last between 2 and 10 days on a single charge depending on how much you use it for music and calls, and it's priced at $199 and is available on

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